Which One is Better: iPhone 8 Plus Vs. iPhone X?

If you are in the market for a new big-screen iPhone but you are not able to decide which to buy. And debating between the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X, so probably you are not the one. Many people are really confused about which iPhone is best for them. But don’t worry, we try to help you out from these problems or to choose which one is better for you.

It’s true, the iPhone X is a little better from the two but only on paper. Though, it has a very sharper, larger screen and also a depth-sensing front-facing camera. But while it might be the apparent selection, it is only due to its extra hardware goodies, which doesn’t exactly mean it, and surely it is correct for you and also for your needs.

Here to make sense of these two iPhones key differences and also what impact they could make on your decision, we will go through the questions that you should ask yourself when buying of these two iPhones. It is not all about finding any winner, but it’s about helping you with finding your next iPhone. Here is one common question which every buyer has in their mind while buying the iPhone, that what the price of iPhone, that can be on users budget here we discuss the detailed information about the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Are iPhone on your Budget and what are things that worth to you?

However, one of the most important factors in every buyer is a decision about the price. And now we all know that the iPhone X is much more expensive than the iPhone 8 Plus by almost $200, £200 and AU$350. But these prices don’t even affect the additional costs like Apple Care and tax, which might be piled up quickly. So for this, first you need to find out your total budget for the phone. Fixing the budget is a very necessary process while purchasing iPhone or any other phone.

If you afford iPhone’s or its accessories, then you need to consider the economic value of each of the iPhone X’s and iPhone 8 Plus unique features and also consider its worth to you. There is a bigger or large screen worth the extra $100, and also the depth camera which worths another $100, there might be a possibility that they worth an extra $50, and also anything which feels more amazing to the purchaser.

Concern about iPhone Screen Size and iPhone Home Button

One of the amusing things about the iPhone 8 Plus is that it has a smaller screen and the thicker bezels than the iPhone X, but it is better overall which means it is wider in hand and also heavier to hold. Though, it has also a home button in the center by which you can easily press to return home and double-click to call up the recent applications.

Meanwhile, the iPhone X gets free of the Touch ID button and also integrates the swiping gestures for navigating. It has a very Super Retina HD Display which in an Apple’s marketing term refers to a prickly screen with higher pixel density than the iPhone 8 Plus. But perhaps the most polarizing about iPhone is their black notch which is at the top of its display.

Unlike on Android phones, you even cannot hide it, and it will always be available there. Sometimes, such as when the users watching the video, then the notch gets in the way. It is during those moments when the 8 Plus ends up due to having a more effective and bigger display.

Camera: iPhone X is much better in some small ways

Both the iPhones have almost two rear cameras one is the wide-angle and second is the telephoto for the bokeh-style portrait and clear optical zooming pictures. Apple also included the lighting tools features by which you can tweak to add some more drama to your portraits.

Though, the iPhone X has a very slightest faster aperture as the iPhone f/2.4 compared with the iPhone 8 Plus’ f/2.8 and also include the optical image stabilization on both the lenses. These factors will help the iPhone X to capture a bit more detail and also the sharpness of the camera. One of the best advantages is very much hard to see when comparing to the well-lit pictures which have been taken by the two, when viewing the photos at full resolution then it is more discernable, or sometimes pictures are taken in very dim lighting. Also, when you record the zoomed-in video, then the iPhone X’s dual-OIS setup is particularly beneficial for the users because the videos are more stable than others.

If the users are a fan of selfies, then the iPhone X’s has a depth-sensing front-facing camera captures portrait photos features, and the iPhone 8 Plus does not have this feature.

Overall, there is no any spectacular difference in image quality between the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus,

Some other thing includes:

  • Face Mapping
  • Battery Life
  • Future-Proofing
  • And many more

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