Where to look for the Hidden Banner in Fortnite Challenge Series

Epic Games is looking for the skies, and they have managed to bring a massive success for their famous battle royale style game Fortnite, as the game has included 14 days of Fortnite challenges with a unique challenge each day.

The inclusion of new holiday theme and events has made the users happy and joyful in the festive days, as a new challenge is served to the players every day for awesome rewards and seasonal gifts. Players of Fortnite have plenty to do in the latest mode which also comes with a snow-covered area on the map.

Such inclusion of new events and rewards has proven to enhance the players’ in-game experience and has made their holidays much more special. The last challenge in the 14 days of Fortnite event is to find the hidden banner while you are in the match.

Those players who have been regularly completing the daily task for two weeks have received a new loading screen. This loading screen is the main helping agent in finding the hidden banner.

The loading screen features an in-game character doing an aerial act while carrying a hamster pet inside her bag. But at the background, a building is present with a banner on its walls. Keen eye players have already spotted the hidden banner on the loading screen and got a hint of it being at a particular location.

Although if you have recently joined Fortnite, you may not be able to recognise the location, it is one of the latest places added to the game while the new update.

 You have to reach for “Happy Hamlet” to access the building in the loading screen; this location will give you a holiday vibe as it is covered with snow and provides a holiday celebration environment to players.

If you are searching for the hidden banner, then you require to head over the Happy Hamlet. Try to land on the west of the Happy Hamlet or parachute outside the town and walk to the village square. From there head to the north and look for a green building which is near to a “Big Shots Espresso”.

You require to reach the third floor of the building, and you can do so by constructing a ramp and reach for the building walls. When you get close enough to the wall of the green building, the hidden banner should appear. Take the banner from the wall to complete the mission. Hopefully, you will accomplish your task in no time and will receive an awesome reward. Epic Games is celebrating this festive season with a lot of new additions and prizes for their users, and it will be fascinating to see what they are preparing for 2k19.

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