What is Xbox One FastStart and How it Works with Games?

The most important aggravations among the Xbox One Gamers are the waiting time. Since the Xbox has moved towards the digital games, and sizes have made it unfeasible to start playing the game quickly compared to those games which were installed from the Disc. On the first attempt, the Microsoft was ready to start options. It also allowed games to start playing the games to an extent while the game automatically downloaded in the background which really did not work well.

Now with the latest update to the Xbox One, a new feature such as FastStart games have also been rolled out. In this article, we will discuss about what is Xbox One FastStart, and how it will work with the games.

About Xbox One FastStart

When the games are accumulated, not all data is set to deliver you like any linear sequence through the game, and it’s downloads also based on the multiple aspects. It is a patented technology which downloads games which are totally based on your game progress. And we would like to call it True Ready to Start.

However, it also finds out which parts of the game you next need and also need to start downloading it as you progress through the games. Just envisage this as a torrent download, but you are streaming it which means FastStart recognize easily which files are needed to start playing and also prioritizes download of those files first.

Though it will also reduce the waiting time, and the users would feel like they are playing it on the servers, with the local speed.

There are two limitations of the Xbox One FastStart, and here are discussed below:

  1. Need to have a minimum of 20 Mbps download speed,
  2. The game should support it and also makes by taking a while for the portfolio to get bigger.

Which Titles will FastStart-Enabled?

And from now, the FastStart will only be allowed for few games which are easily available on the Xbox Game Pass catalog. And it will also be available for the English Language. However, it will confirm to get some benefits of FastStart out to the maximum gamers in a very short time. There is no any official list of games provided by the company. But one of the first games is Flame in the Flood which supports FastStart on Xbox One.

How Faster are Start Times with FastStart?

According to the team of Xbox, on an average, it is twice when compared to the prior experience. In a short, if anyone of you had to wait for an hour to start playing the game so that you can start playing it in half of that time now. However, the true deal is that immediately you can start playing once the basic files are downloaded. When the download speed is better than the advantage of FastStart will also be better but only after reducing the prospect of experiencing gameplay disruption.

If your connection does not remain stable and speed also fall below then after the minimum threshold you will automatically receive a warning notification. The warning notification will share about the problem and might hiatus the game until the download process is complete.

Ready to Start vs. FastStart

The Ready to Start was completely dependent on the Game developers, and also no set rules to follow. Some game developers have allowed launching the game, but for playing the games, you need to wait for the downloading process to complete. However, with the FastStart, things are in the hands of Microsoft’s. The Microsoft will use smart inputs which they call Crowdsourced Data only to figure out which file is needed next.

The part crowdsourced is very much interesting. It is a sort of AI which takes input from the users who are directly involved in the beta testing of games or also uses some input from the Game companies by delivering the update in a way in which the users would expect.

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