Ways to Block a Website on Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer there are multiple blocking programs available, and the best services are costly, but their good results rarely work. If you choose an alternative, you can easily block individual websites on Internet Explorer.

Here are the ways of blocking a site on Internet Explorer: 

Blocking sites in Internet Explorer 11 

  1. Search the Family Safety settings.
  • On the top-right side in the menu of the display, Press On the search option.
  • After that Enter “Family Safety.” Hit on the Family Safety icon that comes.
  1. Make an account for all the users.

Tap on the Family Safety icon, a control panel menu related to the Family Safety setting will come. You will require making an account for all the users who are children before you modify the Family Safety settings.

  • As a “child” minimum one user should be there. When creating a child’s account, confirm if you would wish to link the account to an email ID or have a password which is secured. Create your selection and after that press “Next” to finish. If an account does not appoint as a child account,it will be considered a “parent” account. After you log in to the parent account, you can change the Family Safety settings for any child user.
  1. Hit on “Manage Settings on the Family Safety site”.

It will come in the control panel display that you have started before, but after the minimum, one child account has been set up.

  • It will go to Microsoft site and request you to log in first. On your PC use the email ID and password related to the parent account.
  1. Choose the name of the child user account you want to protect.

 It will show under the list of all the users of the machine, even the name of the parents account also.

  1. Press “Web Filtering” on the menu list.

This option is automatically “disable.” Click it to “Enable.”

  1. Select the object titled “Allow list”.

It contains a list of all approved or disapproved sites. Type the name of those websites you want to make available for browsing and those you want to block completely.

  • If you change the settings to the security level which is on the highest, only sites that have been permitted that can see the child account.
  1. Shut down the window when you are completed.

After you insert them the settings gets automatically saved.

Blocking sites in outdated versions of Internet Explorer

  1. Start Internet Explorer.

In old versions of Internet Explorer and Windows, by changing the settings of the program, you can easily block websites.

  1. Go through the “Tools” menu, press on Internet options.” 
  1. Search the Content Adviser settings.

Press on the “Content” button and then “Content Advisor” press “Settings” in popup display.

  1. Hit on the button marked “Approved Sites”.

This column will have a list of sites that are both legally and especially blocked.

  1. Write the URL of the site you want to block.

The column for typing the URL will come into “Allow this website,” after typing the web ID you can press on “Always” or “Never.”

  1. Press the tab marked “Apply” to save your settings.

When the process is completed, hit “OK” and shut the window.

Marshall Lyne is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.

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