Best Christmas Festive Apps for iPhone

Christmas Day is the most breathtaking 24 hours of the entire year. Different people wait for this Christmas holidays for different reasons. Some wait Christmas for winter to come, some wait for palatable food to eat and some others wait for the exciting gifts that they get and give. Before the starting of this festive Read more about Best Christmas Festive Apps for iPhone[…]

How to Start Using 3D Touch on Your iPhone

3D Touch that is also known by the name of Force Touch, It first got launched on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. As explained by Apple, it is an additional dimension to the touch-based interaction. It gets activated by when you provide more pressure to your screen. Follow the below-given tips to take full Read more about How to Start Using 3D Touch on Your iPhone[…]

How to Disable iMessage on Mac

iMessage, one of the best messaging services, is free and convenient. The most amazing fact about this service is that it does not use data limits. The iMessage allows the use of the service on Apple computers as well. When you choose to use iMessages from Mac, your number, email address gets linked with the Read more about How to Disable iMessage on Mac[…]

How to Uninstall iCloud from Windows

iCloud is a cloud storage service of Apple. iCloud permits its user to store data such as photos, music, documents, etc. on the remote server. The iCloud also provide backup service. With iCloud in Windows, it automatically stores your content and keeps it up to date. You can access your photos, files, contacts, calendars, and Read more about How to Uninstall iCloud from Windows[…]

Which One is Better: iPhone 8 Plus Vs. iPhone X?

If you are in the market for a new big-screen iPhone but you are not able to decide which to buy. And debating between the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X, so probably you are not the one. Many people are really confused about which iPhone is best for them. But don’t worry, we try to help Read more about Which One is Better: iPhone 8 Plus Vs. iPhone X?[…]

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