Record-Breaking Donation of $ 1.3 Million Shared by West Island Community

The West Island Community celebrates 20 years of success, of helping out the communities by giving a donation of $ 1.3 million to the organizations. The West Island Community was formed in 1998 only to support a variety of charities organizations on the West Island. It was really a record-breaking year for the West Island Community.

“Leanne Bayer, executive director of West Island Community Shares said It’s been 20 years and what a year this has been. Our goal was 1.3 million and we raised 45,000 more than that so we surpassed that,”

The organization has celebrated the objective at its yearly “Live Here, Give Here” event, hosted on Tuesday night by CBC Montreal News host Debra Arbec, at the CEGEP Gérald-Godin in Pierrefonds.

It was a festive and very emotional night for the 41 charities organizations who received cheques between $10,000 and $ 60,000 each by the West Island Community.

One of those groups, Venturing Out Beyond Our Cancer (VOBOC) and also supports juveniles and young adults with cancer patients.

And they also give out “ready for the hospital” backpacks for the emergency visits of the patient.

“The VOBOC founder Doreen Edward said We also grant last-minute requests for those at the end of their lives or in crisis, everything from a birthday, a wedding or an ambulance trip home to say goodbye to kids or pets. We provide magical moments at a desperate time,”

“Donna Coleman, who lost her daughter and grandchild to cancer said I can’t imagine how I would have survived had they not thrown me that precious lifeline,”. And also donate $60K for flood relief charities organizations.

The West Island organization‘s fundraising attempts were especially critical this year, because of some worst damage floods were across the provinces.

In the last few weeks, West Island Community Shares setting together with the “Neighbours in Need” groups for supplying the fund to local groups which are involved in the flood relief.

” Bayer said Within two weeks, we managed to fundraise $60,000,”

“The Royal Bank of Canada announced on Tuesday night’s event,  that they would add another $10,000 to that fund.

“Bayer said It’s extraordinary, but the West Island is an extraordinary community.”

The campaign for next year is already in progress with a new ambitious goal — $1.3 million.

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