Microsoft’s Upcoming Budget Surface Tablet to have Pentium Chips

There is more probability that almost $400 Microsoft Surface tablet is coming out in the year 2018, got a boost of his week directly from the FCC filings and also few hints about the cheaper chips.

However, a budget Surface would be designed only to compete better with the Apple’s iPad, leaving the present Surface Pro to challenge the iPad Pro.

On Wednesday, WinFuture reported that some sources inside the company said that new devices would use the Intel Pentium chips, as they are very less expensive and also less powerful than the Core chips. The Current Surface Pro tablets will also use the Intel Core chips and start at $800.

For now, this week a series of FCC filings back up reports that a new Surface device will be launching this year.

Few details about rumored tablet have directly come through the sources, which have reported earlier of this year that the new Surface tablet will have a 10-inch screen. And the Current Surface Pro models feature has 12-inch screens.

However, the Microsoft has not yet confirmed, as it is working on the smaller surface tablets, although the FCC filing is a very good signal that the company has already tested them and is almost ready to launch soon. Thus, Microsoft initially launched a very cheaper Surface 3 tablet three years ago, which only aimed at students, but it was discontinued that time due to some genuine reasons.

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