Locked Phones vs. Unlocked Phones: Everything You Need to Know

You need to pick out the phone that you want to buy, but the process of decision-making is very much far from over. And sometime there might be a choice of the users is whether to purchase an unlocked phone or also a tied to a carrier. For many users, there is a lot of uncertainty about how the unlocked phones will work and what benefits are they offer to their users.

To direct you through the unlocked phones process around the world, we provide you some of the most common questions and also disperse some myths.

Locked Phones vs. Unlocked Phones

About Unlocked Phone

Now here we discuss about the unlocked phone that is not even attached to a particular phone carrier and can also be used on any of the carrier that you choose. It signifies that:

  • The users have many models of phones that choose what the carriers offer.
  • You can use the international SIM cards while traveling.
  • Anyone can easily change to the carriers without any penalty.
  • As it is unlocked, then it has a higher resale cost.

Warning: You even might not get all the network features, such as Wi-Fi calling or the HD voice, and the carrier will also not provide any guarantee about the voice or the data network which will work absolutely on your phone.

Some Different Ways User can Buy a New Phone

We provide you the three names by which user can easily buy the phone. They are as follows:

  • Buy Phone directly from the phone manufacturer
  • Buy Phone via phone carrier like AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile
  • Buy Phone directly from the Amazon or any legitimate online sites (any third party website)

The phone manufacturer and retailers selling both locked and unlocked carrier phones.

How did phones lock to a carrier?

For answering this question, we have a very simple and short answer is the software. Sometimes when you attached your phone to a particular carrier then [phone is automatically locked by the carrier software. Therefore, the unlocked phone does not have any software.

Difference between an Unlocked Phone and a Universal Model

There is a minor difference between the unlocked phone and a universal phone. So below we discussed about it:

  • An unlocked phone is a phone which is not even attached to any particular carrier.
  • And a universal phone is not attached to any particular network.

In some cases, phones are of both categories: unlocked and universal

Basically the motive of designing Smartphone’s is to work on either GSM or CDMA phone networks, just once think about the AM Versus Fm radio.

From many past years, unlocked phones were very exclusive among the users. But recently, many of the Smartphone’s are universal like iPhone X, Google Pixel 2, and Moto G6. If any doubt, then you need to check with your phone manufacturer or your phone carrier for your compatibility.

To buy a phone from Phone Manufacturer or my Carrier is Cheaper?

Actually, it is available almost at the same cost.

For example, a new 64GB iPhone X is $999 from both Carriers and Apple. It does not include any promotion or sales.

Are all Models of phone Sold via Carriers or Phone Manufacturers?

So the simple answer is no. some of the brands like Moto and Huawei, sell their phone only from their official websites or directly through the online retailer like Amazon and Flipkart. And if you only want to buy from the carrier, then you have only one choice: Verizon. However, the Google’s online store also sells an unlocked version of phones which works on the AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon and many more.

One of the big advantages is that to buy an unlocked phone or any model from a phone maker always gives access to an almost larger variety of phone models compared with some smaller selections of handsets that typically offers by the carriers.

What if anyone cannot afford the Full Cost of the Phone Upfront?

However, many of the people prefer to finance a new brand phone instead of paying the full price. The phone manufacturer’s and phones carriers always try to offer some promotional credit plans only to cover the price of the new phone. Always keep in your mind that financing is added to what you pay exactly to a phone carrier of a data plan.

How can anyone remember all this?

A good news is that you don’t have to remember, but you always have to remember that there is no any financial advantage of buying a phone from a manufacturer or directly from the carrier which might be unlocked or locked phone. The original advantage of buying a phone from a carrier is very convenient for doing it all. Therefore, the advantages of an unlocked phone are that you have more to say about carrier that you want to use or a wider selection of the phone’s models.

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