How to Uninstall iCloud from Windows

iCloud is a cloud storage service of Apple. iCloud permits its user to store data such as photos, music, documents, etc. on the remote server. The iCloud also provide backup service. With iCloud in Windows, it automatically stores your content and keeps it up to date. You can access your photos, files, contacts, calendars, and more from any of your device.

If you have iCloud in your Windows Pc, then all of your data is automatically sync to iCloud if you want to stop it and didn’t want to store it on iCloud, or there may be any privacy reason to uninstall it from your Windows Pc. Then it is similar to uninstalling any other app from your computer.

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How to backup local data to iCloud from your Windows PC

  1. Click on ‘Start’ button.
  2. Then Click on ‘All Programs’ or ‘All Apps’ in the start menu.
  3. Click on ‘iCloud.’ You can also search for iCloud in the search box.
  4. Check the boxes to select the type of data you want to backup.
  5. Click on ‘Apply’ at the lower portion of the dialog box, to begin uploading.
  6. After finish, Click on ‘Sign out’ at the lower-left corner of your screen. Doing this will log out your account before uninstalling.

How to uninstall iCloud from Windows

  1. Click on ‘Start’ button.
  2. Then Click on ‘Control Panel.’
  3. Click on ‘Uninstall a program’ in the Programs section. (Open Programs>Program and features in Windows 7).
  4. Select ‘iCloud’ from the programs list.
  5. Click on ‘Change’ from the tab. It is above the list. (Click on ‘Uninstall’ and then confirm in Windows 7).
  6. Click ‘OK’ in the dialog box.
  7. Mark ‘Remove’ from Repair and Remove option.
  8. Click on ‘Next.’
  9. Click on ‘Yes’ in the confirming window to uninstall iCloud from your Pc.
  10. Again, click on ‘Yes’ to delete the software from your computer.
  11. Click on ‘Finish.’

Now, iCloud has been completely uninstalled and deleted from your PC.

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