How to Set Maximum Volume Limit on Android Device

You might be familiar with that an Android device has different volume levels for sounds and noises that play from it. You can customize and set the different levels for things like any kind of notifications from texts, social media websites, and many more.

The research has proven that noise levels above 110 decibels strip insulation from nerve fibers carrying signals from the ear to the brain. So you can think how harmful it can be to let high radiations of loud music reach your brain. If you want to protect your ears and nerves from the danger of loud music, read this article till the end and follow the simple process given below to set a Maximum Volume Limit on your Android device.

Here’s What Makes Listening to Loud Music Dangerous

The younger generation loves having their earphones plugged to their ears and moving around their work or when traveling. But they are unaware of the serious causes that listening to loud music begets; here we have some to share with you.

  1. Listening to the music at loud volumes can actually make your nerves feeble or weak. A significant nerve issue is likely to be experienced in this case. You are more likely to find that your nerves are eventually damaged in the process.
  2. When loud music is relentlessly being played plugged into your ears or in the surrounding area, you will eventually notice that your concentration levels are getting decreased and lowered. Your hearing and listening skills may start declining majorly.
  3. Loud music makes you weaker at grasping the words in the first go. Because listening to loud music has its own problems and issues. You are going to find yourself knotted and entangled in the web eventually.

Solution to Set the Maximum Volume Limit on Your Android Device

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Sounds and head to the Volumes option.
  3. Here you will notice that there are various volume controls for all different functions.
  4. On the right side of your device’s screen, you will get to see the sliders for phone’s volume control given in three rows:
  • Music, video, games, and other media
  • Ringtones and notifications
  • Alarms
  1. You can now adjust each volume level accordingly with the help of these sliders.
  2. Doing so will now control the ringer’s maximum volume while you are listening to your favorite music.

Note: You still have the option to control the volume for your notifications and ringtones using the side volume buttons on your phone. However, these buttons can also be used to control your media volume. Thus, you just won’t be able to go past the maximum that you’d set previously.

Thank you for reading this article; I hope that this information is going to be helpful to you in adjusting the sound of your smartphone and setting a Maximum Volume Limit on Android Device.

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