How to Add a Password to a File or Folder?

The PC users often look for ways to secure their personal data and protect their privacy, as like certain folders of password-protecting on their computer’s hard drive.

The Microsoft Windows XP and ME operating systems ship with a Zipped Folder Compressed/Folder or file feature, one of the main Windows workings that are installed by choice.

Thus, this feature allows the users to create a folder and then put a password on their folder to restrict any other person from viewing and editing of the files inside. If a user tries to open the file or folder, they will surely need a password for it.

Here in this blog, you will learn how to password protect your file or folder.

The materials you need:

  • Windows Operating System (OS)
  • Compression Tools such as Winzip or WinRar
  1. Firstly you need to decide the password to protect.
  2. Then select the files you want to be protected and put them inside the folder.

Note: Some of the folders may be put inside the folder so that they could be protected to short out various types of files.

  1. Right-click on the folder to protect it.
  2. Now you need to scroll down to the option Properties and tap on it.
  3. Then tap on the Sharing tab to check the box that says Make This Folder Private and hit the Apply button.
  4. You will now get to see a prompt and it must provide you a password.
  5. Then click on Yes button and enter the password and confirm it. After that, another prompt will appear and ask for a password hint, in case if the password is lost or you have forgotten it.
  6. Try not to use passwords that can easily be guessed like middle name, pet names or birthdates of you or your family members.
  7. Here, password-protecting a zip file is easier. Where there is zipped folder located, right-click with your mouse.
  8. Now select the New option and select the Zipped folder. You will also see a prompt for the name of the compressed (zipped) folder.
  9. And you need to name the zipped folder.
  10. Then you will select the folder or file to keep them protected and drag them towards your newly made compressed file.
  11. Keep your zipped file or folder protected by setting a password. And select the compressed file or folder to be protected.
  12. Double-click on the selected compressed file/folder then tap on the file or folder and Add a password. When prompt appears to enter the password two times if requires and then tap the OK button.
  13. From now you will always need a password to access your file and folder.

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