Google Duplex Releases Restaurant Bookings to ‘Small Group’ of Pixel Owners

According to the recent report, Google Duplex is the automated services by Google. It calls up all their businesses to make their booking on your behalf and has also received a limited public launch.

Recently, in a statement, Google said that the company is starting its “slow rollout” of the services, which is now available to all “small groups” of the Google Pixel phone owners, but still in some selected cities. To increasing its availability with the users, the services can also call up the restaurant in which the Google has not the partnered explicitly.

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However, the service has been launched only in that state’s which is very limited, even when compared to what Google demoed on the stage when it announced first services.  But for now, if you can access the service than you will be restricted to the bookings of restaurants which will be unavailable for some reasons that occur occasionally and not entirely yet clear. Right now, this service is only supported by the Pixel phones; this means that no any other smart displays or other handsets, and Google Assistant will be able to make any English-speaking calls in the cities which Google has explicitly selected for the trial.

Still, it is very unclear about the services of Google that how long it’ll take for the service to overcome from each of these limitations since the Google is now recording all its recent Duplex calls which likely to be gathering lots of important usage data by which the rollout has started.

Now, the Google Duplex is accessible to the public that has given us the first opportunity to see how all the service works in practice easily. The option to have the Google Assistant easily able to make some calls which can be accessed either by asking for it generally to “make a reservation,” or you can also find any specific restaurant and then request a table from there as a pre-booking facility. It’s a very quick back and forth conversation with the Google then occurs in which you provide some details like as the party size, date, time, and also need to give a backup phone number. After that, the booking has been made it will automatically get transferred into your “My Reservations” list along with some other appointments that have been sent from your emails or manually added to your calendar.

Google is confirmed that when these services is available more publicly for the users.

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