Easy Fix for Connection Issue in Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

When released, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con was applauded for its uniqueness. The hardcore gamers praised the product, but the complaints were rising for the trouble in playing games like Zelda and other Nintendo Switch games. Joy-Con has wireless connections, but the issues are widening especially in the left Joy-Con. The reason was thought to be a software issue, but the hardware problem is responsible for making it difficult to cope up with difficulty in playing.

To resolve the issue, some gamers have opened up the console and put their technical efforts. They confirmed that the technical task was worth to solve the problem, as their Joy-Con is rerunning games with better performance. But before performing a technical task on the hardware of your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, try to perform simple steps first, which also are said to have solved the issues.

Instead of doing something with the hardware connections, you should:

  •    Disconnect the controllers from “System Settings” in your Nintendo Switch.
  •     Now, detach Joy-Con controllers.
  •    Turn the device off for an extended period.
  •    After a long time, switch it on and reattach the Joy-Con controllers.

The process may take a while, but it said to have worked. The problem is occurring even after the steps mentioned.

Some people on the internet are suggesting to open the Joy-Con system and search for the antenna. According to them, the antenna is facing obstruction of the gamers’ palm to receive the signal. Hence, increasing the strength by extending the wire length would work for its proper performance. But this might risky to perform a technical task of adding a 3-inch wire to the antenna and strengthen its signal. This will take a lot of efforts to open the Joy-Con and may not work efficiently even after.

But the company offered its service to take care of the glitch. They are sending back the Joy-Con to the customers after repairing it. When opened, an added piece of black foam was found at the lower right corner of the device. According to the experts, the piece is a conductive foam to shield the device from any radio frequency interference. The company has installed the piece of conductive foam on the top of the antenna to reduce the interference. The Joy-Con was working after installation of the small piece of foam on the antenna, but again it stopped working when the foam was removed from the device. The company has found an easy fix which needed to place a piece of foam in the device to increase the signal and reduce the interference.

Rather than attaching a piece of wire to the antenna, installation of a small piece of Conductive foam works efficiently to fix the issue. If you are planning to perform a technical task on your system, then effortlessly adding conductive foam would be better to run Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

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