Beginner’s Guide to Playing Super Mario Run Like a Pro

It was the time when Super Mario became the nerves of the kids, and it became so popular that it’s new version Super Mario Run was released in the gaming world two years ago. Super Mario Run is a freely downloadable game for iOS Android users with the first three levels completely free-of-cost. If you are ready to play this exciting game, then first you have to learn the controls. Learning the controls is not rocket science. Here we are delivering you with the best and concise guide for playing Super Mario Run as a Pro-player in following ways:

  1. First, “Download” this game from iTunes store which is a free game to download.
  2. “Launch the game”, and on the first run, it will inquire for the region where you are living in.
  3. If you do not have the Nintendo account, then create one by clicking “Register”. And then Login to your Nintendo account. You can also log in via FB or Twitter as per your choice.
  4. After the completion of the Login account, accept the Terms and Conditions. Now, Game is ready for you to play.
  5. Since Super Mario Run is an automatic running game, you don’t need to press a button for moving.
  6. In this game, there is a slew of challenges which try to halt your exciting journey with Mario. For jumping over the hurdles, tap the screen once. For jumping higher, tap and hold the screen.
  7. You can also make the spinning for Mario in mid-air by tapping and holding the screen while in mid-air.
  8. When Mario touches the wall and tries to climb then tap the screen for making him reverse jumping to climb the wall successfully.
  9. Collecting coins is the interesting part of this game which can energize you. Normally coins are of yellow colour, but in the higher level, it can be pink or purple coloured.
  10. To attain a higher level in the game, you have to protect yourself from obstacles and try to stay alive. Mushroom power-up revitalizes Mario.
  11. Ultimately you have to defeat the Boom-Boom boss by falling him down from the bridge he stands on. Then move swiftly to beat the level in given time.
  12. There are different effects on Mario while playing the game through action blocks like:
  • Pause Blocks: For taking the time to think about your next move, you can pause Mario and clock both.
  • Springboards: For getting out of conundrum, you can use it to drive Mario in a given direction just like catapults.
  • Launch Blocks: Useful to move quickly in a given direction while passing the block by tapping the screen.
  • Stars Power-up: Makes the Mario invincible and provides the long time vacuum effect.
  • Super Stars: Helps to turn Mario into a coin magnet so you can get the coins as you run. For taking Super Stars, you have to punch hard to reach that bricks where this action block is hidden.

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