5 Fitbit Versa Tips and Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind!

Let’s be honest, Fitbit devices cost a bomb and in the current competitive capitalistic market, every item has to justify its price. Thus, to give Fitbit an edge over its other smartwatch counterparts, Apple has loaded it up with hidden features that make it worth the money. If you are looking for Fitbit Versa tips and tricks to make the most out of your purchase, then you have come to the right place!

Following are some features that you should try immediately:

  1. Use Gestures to Navigate

Touch devices have basically rung in the death knell for buttons. Thus, it would only be sensible to include touchscreen also on the latest smartwatches. The Fitbit Versa is no exception to this technological advancement. Here are some of the common gestures that you need to know about to operate your Fitbit Versa:

  • Upwards Swipe: This gesture opens up the updated ‘Today View’ feed that includes all the stats regarding your usage and fitness goals. Fitbit Versa also offers you tips on how you can reach these goals.
  • Downwards Swipe: This gesture reveals all the notifications and alerts stored on your smartwatch.
  • Left Swipe: This gesture opens the “View App” dock
  • Right Swipe: Does nothing
  1. Pushin’ Up the Buttons

Just because buttons may feel ‘old school’ it doesn’t mean that they have to be removed effectively! The Fitbit Versa sports three buttons. The left button carries out the ‘Back’ action when the user is viewing any app. Long pressing this button also opens quick settings where you can find Fitbit Pay, Music Controller, toggle options for Auto Wake, and Notifications. The top-right button launches the apps located on the top-left. Long pressing this button opens up the Notifications. The bottom-right button launches the lower-left app in the app dock.

  1. Respond to Text Messages

Android users can make use of Fitbit Versa to instantly reply to incoming text messages. Once this feature has been set up on your device, all it would take would be a few taps here and there to have your response text drafted and ready to send. You can even set up customized quick replies because who has the time when they are working out?!

  1. Choose Watch Faces According to Your Mood!

Even though it is a bummer that your Fitbit Versa cannot have more than one watch faces installed on its system simultaneously, just knowing that clock faces are customizable is a relief. If you fancy a change of watch face, then simply head over to the Clock Face store, scroll through the options and install the one that you like! Additionally, you may customize the features of the watch face according to your requirements.

  1. Play Workout Playlists!

The Fitbit Versa is equipped with enough memory so as to be able to store nearly 300 songs locally. Users may sync their favorite workout playlist from their computer to their Fitbits. All you need is a stable WiFi connection, a fully charged Fitbit, and a lot of patience considering that the process is rather time-consuming. As a quicker alternative, users can also sync their smartwatches with their premium Pandora or Deezer account to stream music directly to their phones.

Note: The Fitbit Versa is only capable of playing music that lacks DRM data, which means even if you have downloaded your music from the Spotify app into your Apple Music, the music will still not play.

Pair up your upbeat music with some Bluetooth headsets and get racking up fitness points on your new Fitbit!

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