How to Start Using 3D Touch on Your iPhone

3D Touch that is also known by the name of Force Touch, It first got launched on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. As explained by Apple, it is an additional dimension to the touch-based interaction. It gets activated by when you provide more pressure to your screen.

Follow the below-given tips to take full advantage of this beautiful 3D touch feature

In spite of opening an app and going about your business, some of the apps can show a small menu of the options whenever you long press on the icon. For instance- long pressing the Instagram icon will take you to your direct messages, post a new photo, view activity or fire up a camera inside Instagram. You can use this to open a specific app if you have a folder full of apps. Every app doesn’t come with such a menu.

Go Back to the Previously Opened App

  • You can double-click the Home Button to view your recent apps.
  • You can also long press left the side of the screen and slide right to open the most recently used app.

Grab a Peek

  • With the help of 3D Touch, you will get a glimpse of everything from the locations to websites to photos.
  • For instance- pressing a link long will show the little preview window.
  • Long press on the picture to bring a photo front and center.
  • Just let it go when you are done.
  • If you need something with the item, you have long pressed the swipe up for revealing numerous options.

Enhanced Notifications

  • By long pressing the notification, you will be given an added functionality like the ability to reply to a text message or like any post on Facebook.
  • When you go to Control Center with the help of 3D touch at the bottom, It allows you to do cool things such as making flashlight brighter, etc.

Other Cool Things That Can be Done are:

In the Mail

Long press an email, not just to preview it but toggle it up to see options such as reply all, reply, forward, etc.

In Messages

  • Long press a microphone icon to record a voice note.
  • You can add various effects to your message by long pressing send button.
  • You may quickly call or facetime someone after simply holding their photo down.
  • From prominent messages screen, long press a message to get a preview of recent messages.

In Reminders

  • Press down on a reminder to pop up a menu with the ability to update time.

In Photos

  • You can see a photo coming to life by just holding it down.
  • iPhone captures a second and a half before and after the picture has been clicked.

In the Camera

  • Simple dive into the most recent photos by pressing along the bottom left edge of the screen.

How to Update 3D Touch Settings

  • Just head over to the Settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Got to Accessibility.
  • 3D Touch.
  • You will find it set at Medium by default, but you can slide bar to left if you want it to bear lesser pressure.
  • Just slide it right if you want it to take more pressure.

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