5 Fitbit Versa Tips and Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind!

Let’s be honest, Fitbit devices cost a bomb and in the current competitive capitalistic market, every item has to justify its price. Thus, to give Fitbit an edge over its other smartwatch counterparts, Apple has loaded it up with hidden features that make it worth the money. If you are looking for Fitbit Versa tips Read more about 5 Fitbit Versa Tips and Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind![…]

Best Christmas Festive Apps for iPhone

Christmas Day is the most breathtaking 24 hours of the entire year. Different people wait for this Christmas holidays for different reasons. Some wait Christmas for winter to come, some wait for palatable food to eat and some others wait for the exciting gifts that they get and give. Before the starting of this festive Read more about Best Christmas Festive Apps for iPhone[…]

Ways to Block a Website on Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer there are multiple blocking programs available, and the best services are costly, but their good results rarely work. If you choose an alternative, you can easily block individual websites on Internet Explorer. Here are the ways of blocking a site on Internet Explorer:  Blocking sites in Internet Explorer 11  Search the Family Read more about Ways to Block a Website on Internet Explorer[…]

Beginner’s Guide to Playing Super Mario Run Like a Pro

It was the time when Super Mario became the nerves of the kids, and it became so popular that it’s new version Super Mario Run was released in the gaming world two years ago. Super Mario Run is a freely downloadable game for iOS Android users with the first three levels completely free-of-cost. If you Read more about Beginner’s Guide to Playing Super Mario Run Like a Pro[…]

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